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Paddy & Scott’s – Coffee Tree Meru Farm

The coffee supply chain is long and complicated; full of people taking their cut of the farmer’s hard work. Paddy and Scott’s had a bold idea to cut out these middle-men and conglomerates; to shorten the distance between coffee grower and coffee drinker. In 2016 they took on their own coffee farm in Meru, Kenya. Working together with the Muchomba family they have created a unique project to revolutionise how coffee is traded and give more back to the families working hard to grow our coffee.
It’s never been done before, but that’s never stopped them!

Send an instant voucher for or as part payment for a Coffee Tree on the Meru Farm. Once you become a member of the Meru Farm Project, the membership box will include a shipment of single origin Kenyan coffee to try whilst you register your plot. You will also receive a farm pass card (you’ll need this card to access the farm if you ever visit), your tree plot number, branded reusable steel coffee container and a strictly limited edition Meru Farm Project coffee cup. Members will get special access to member discounts on Jerry Can coffee as well as regular updates from the farm and Meru community projects.

The process is simple the recipient of your Paddy & Scott’s Pressi is asked to contact [email protected] to obtain a code for redemption online.

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