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The Penny

The Penny is a unique and all-encompassing personal growth and intuitive development programme aimed at anyone looking to take control of their life, reach their full potential and achieve happiness, confidence and fulfilment.

Like your own personal life coach, the programme guides you through the path of least resistance to creating a healthy work/life balance, empowering you to live in the moment and finding the confidence and tenacity to take control of your life

Based on twelve core principles, the programme covers: Ownership, Purpose, Highest Interest, The Real You, Creating Space, Thought Based Intention, Vibration, Aligned Action, Contribution, Creation, Balance and Living the Moment.

The Penny Programme is supported by a luxury, interactive workbook/planner and weekly online webinars (plug-ins) to keep you feeling positive and on track for the whole year.  Both offer practical steps, insight and support on how to create time and space for what is really important to YOU.

If you are looking to get organised in 2018, feel energised and empowered with a clear vision of where you want to be, then this easy to follow programme is for you.

£38.00  – includes luxury, interactive workbook/planner and online webinar support.

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